General information about councillors

Barnsley has 63 councillors, divided between 21 small geographical areas called ‘wards’.

Each ward is represented by three councillors, and each councillor holds office for four years. If you are unsure which ward you live in, you can find out by using our interactive maps.  A poster of photographs and telephone numbers for all Elected Members is available to download this is currently awaiting the newly elected members photographs and will be updated shortly. You can also find a list of wards and their councillors at the bottom of this page.

Councillors are elected by ‘thirds’. This means that elections are held for 21 seats, one in each ward, every year for three years in a row. This is followed by one year when there are no elections. Elections next take place in May 2015.

At present, Barnsley has 54 Labour councillors, four Conservatives, and four independents. one vacancy Only people who live, work, are eligible to vote in the Barnsley borough can stand for election. Councillors have a duty to the whole community and a special duty to represent their constituents, including those who did not vote for them. 

All councillors meet together to agree the council’s overall policies and budget. Each councillor will also serves on a Ward Panel and an Area Delivery Panel.

Councillors are not paid a salary for their work, but do receive a basic ‘allowance’. The amount paid is set out in the council’s Members' Allowance Scheme. The Scheme sets out a list of ‘approved duties’, and councillors undertaking these duties can be reimbursed for the costs of travel, arranging care for dependents, and some meals. A small number of councillors also receive a ‘Special Responsibility Allowance’ for undertaking extra duties.

More information about each individual councillor is available on their own web page.

Councillor Brian Mathers 

Councillor Tim Shepherd

Councillor Linda Burgess

Councillor Sir Stephen Houghton CBE

Councillor Jim Andrews

Independent group leader: Councillor Phillip Birkinshaw
Conservative: Councillor John Wilson 

Find your ward councillors 

Central Ward
Councillor Doug Birkinshaw, Councillor Margaret Bruff, Councillor Martin Dyson

Cudworth Ward
Councillor Sir Stephen Houghton CBE, Councillor Joe Hayward,Councillor Charlie Wraith MBE

Darfield Ward
Councillor Caroline Saunders, Councillor Pauline Markham, Councillor Dorothy Coates

Darton East Ward
Councillor Lesley Duerden, Councillor Harry Spence, Councillor Roy Miller

Darton West Ward
Councillor Alice Cave, Councillor Sharon Howard, Councillor Linda Burgess,

Dearne North Ward
Councillor Jennifer Worton, Councillor Alan Gardiner, Vacancy

Dearne South Ward
Councillor Sharron Brook, Councillor May NobleCouncillor Ralph Sixsmith MBE

Dodworth Ward
Councillor Phillip Birkinshaw, Councillor Jack Carr, Councillor Richard Riggs

Hoyland Milton Ward
Councillor Mick Stowe, Councillor Robin Franklin, Councillor Tim Shepherd

Kingstone Ward
Councillor Donna Green, Councillor Kathryn Mitchell, Councillor Kevin Williams

Monk Bretton Ward
Councillor Steve Green, Councillor Ken Richardson, Councillor Margaret Sheard

North East Ward
Councillor Jeff Ennis, Councillor Dorothy Higginbottom, Councillor Allan Hampson

Old Town Ward
Councillor Phil Davies, Councillor Liz Grundy, Councillor Anita Cherryholme

Penistone East Ward
Councillor John Wilson, Councillor Robert Barnard, Councillor Paul Hand-Davis

Penistone West Ward
Councillor Joe Unsworth, Councillor Dave Griffin, Councillor Andrew Millner

Rockingham Ward
Councillor Emma Dures, Councillor Jim Andrews, Councillor Chris Lamb

Royston Ward
Councillor Caroline Makinson, Councillor Tim Cheetham, Councillor Malcolm Clements

St Helen's Ward
Councillor Sarah Tattersall, Councillor Jenny Platts, Councillor David Leech

Stairfoot Ward
Councillor Wayne Johnson, Councillor Brian Mathers, Councillor Karen Dyson

Wombwell Ward
Councillor Margaret Morgan, Councillor Robert Frost, Councillor Richard Wraith

Worsbrough Ward
Councillor Gill Carr, Councillor John Clarke, Councillor Roya Pourali

Further Information

For more about Barnsley Council Meetings, visit our eDemocracy section.

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