Flooding emergencies

Get advice and guidance on flooding in Barnsley.

If your property is in danger of flooding, call our 24 hour emergency line

01226 773555

Floods can happen anywhere at any time, caused by rising ground water levels, burst water drains or hillside run-off from sudden rain storms. This means that even if you live miles away from a river, there is still a chance flooding could affect you. You can download our leaflet which gives you useful information on how to prepare for and clean up after a flood.

If you live in the Barnsley area, the most common sources of flooding that may affect you are from:

  • Rivers
  • Surface water
  • Sewers
  • Groundwater
  • Reservoirs

If you own a riverside property and/or have a watercourse running through your land, you have a responsibility for the maintenance of embankments and making sure the passage of water moves freely through that land.  This is known as Riparian Ownership.

An important part of the flood resilience work we do is community engagement and we continue to work with all communities in our borough that are at the highest risk of flooding.

Following the devastating floods in 2007, we held a flood fair which included an exhibition by manufacturers of flood defence equipment, this gave residents the chance to see all flood defences available to them first hand.  You can find these manufacturers in the National Flood Forum's Blue Pages.

If you need more information to do with dealing with other types of emergencies please see our Emergency Planning page.

You will find legislation relating to flooding and civil emergencies in the Acts and Regulations listed below:

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