Support for young offenders in custody and back into the community

Research shows that young people who have offended once are likely to re-offend, so it is important to provide them with help and support while in custody to get them back into the community and keep them out of the youth justice system.

Young people who receive a custodial sentence will go through a number of changes, from going into custody to being released back into the community at the end of their sentence.  It is important to help them make some positive changes to their behaviour so that they don’t re-offend. 

Youth Offending Team (YOT) Workers, together with staff from prison, young offender institution, secure training centre or similar establishments, are key to making sure that:

  • young people are supported through the changes they’ll need to make
  • effective, evidence based interventions are delivered in custody
  • the help that is offered to the young person meets their particular needs and risks
  • effective risk management strategies are put in place
  • regular contact is maintained with the young person while they’re in custody
  • contact with their family is facilitated
  • there is continuity of provision from custody to going back into the community
  • there is a clear plan of action to address the key risk factors associated with the young person’s offending
  • ongoing support is provided to the young person that meets their identified needs

Where possible, and if there is evidence that the young person’s behaviour has improved, then they may be let out of custody on licence.  This means that they’ll have to keep certain conditions until the end of their sentence. The YOT Worker will help the prison governor to prepare the licence and decide what conditions will need to be kept.

If the licence conditions are not kept, then they may be taken back into custody. 

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