Dog warden service

Dog wardens respond to complaints about straying dogs, lost dogs, aggressive and nuisance dogs.

Stray dogs in a public place are not only a danger to themselves, but can be a risk or cause danger to members of the public and road users. The law states that if a dog is found straying in a public place, it can be seized and taken to a designated kennels.

A dog that is captured as a stray will normally be taken to our designated kennels where it must be kept for seven days unless reclaimed by its owner. After this time, if it has not been reclaimed by its owner, it will be re-homed or sent to a dog rescue charity. As a last resort the dog will be put to sleep.

If you find or take possession of a lost/straying dog and you cannot immediately re-unite it with its owner it is your legal duty to report it to the Dog Warden Service straight away. Failure to report it could result in prosecution.

Dogs are required by law to wear a collar or disc bearing the owner's name and address when they are on a highway or public area. If your dog does not have a collar and tag you could be prosecuted and fined up to £5000.

If you are unable to keep a dog, in some circumstances, we may allow you to surrender it..  You may be charged a fee to surrender your dog.

The police also have a duty to deal with dangerous dogs under certain circumstances:

  • If the dog has bitten a person or is likely to bite
  • If the dog is a suspected banned breed, for example a Pit Bull terrier, Japanese Tosa, Fila Braziliero or Dogo Argentino

Report a stray dog

You can report a stray or lost dog using our online form. Our office hours are 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to 4.30pm on Friday.

  • If you capture a stray dog and the office is closed, then you may keep the dog yourself until the Dog Warden service is available or contact our out of hours service on 07467147333. Note that our out of hours service will not collect dogs, however they will give you details of where they can be taken.  The out of hours service is open weekdays 17:00hrs to 21:00hrs and weekends 9:00hrs to 21:00hrs.
  • If a dog is aggressive, or causing a traffic hazard, outside of office hours, you are advised to contact the police.
  • If a dog is injured you are advised to contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.



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