Reporting a dangerous structure

We respond to all reports of dangerous buildings, walls and structures.

We try to inspect immediately any building or structure reported as being dangerous. These can be caused by general unstable condition, fire, gas explosion and many other factors.

If the building or structure poses a potential danger to the safety of people, we take the appropriate action to remove the danger. 

The owner of any building that becomes dangerous is responsible for all the costs involved in making the building safe. If we are unable to contact the owner at the time, the council may carry out the emergency works and claim the costs back from the owner.

To report a dangerous or dilapidated structure:

Telephone: (01226) 772678/772679 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4.30pm Fridays

Telephone: (01226) 775671 outside office hours

If you don't consider the structure to pose an immediate danger, you can also report this by email to


Highway engineers monitors demolition work to ensure public health and safety is maintained. Before a building or part of a building is demolished, the owner or the demolition contractor must serve a notice on the council, informing us of their intentions. Demolition may not start until we have given permission or a period of six weeks has elapsed.

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