Excessive noise can make life a misery.

Pollution Monitoring Station

Noise is an inevitable part of everyday life, however it is possible for certain types of noise to become a statutory nuisance.

For noise to be a statutory nuisance it has to much more than just something that is annoying. It has to be regarded as having an unreasonable effect on a person's enjoyment of their property. 

Noisy neighbours, noise from industry or construction sites and barking dogs are just some of the noise complaints we investigate.    We do not investigate noise due to domestic violence, drunk & disorderly individuals or public order offences, these are Police matters.

Before you make a complaint to us

Many noise problems, particularly those involving neighbours, can be resolved informally, for example, by explaining to your neighbours the difficulties they are causing. Approach your neighbour and explain politely that you are being troubled by noise. You may find this difficult, but often people are unaware that they are causing a problem. Most will be glad to do what they can to reduce noise.

If you live in a Housing Association or rented property, it is worth discussing your problem with your landlord. They may be able to take action under the terms of their tenancy agreement. 


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