Disabled person's bus pass

Information about travel for disabled people.

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Since the 1st April 2008 off-peak travel has been free for disabled people on buses across England (including in South Yorkshire on local buses and trams).

The scheme is managed by Travel South Yorkshire, and for more information about it, we recommend that you visit their website.  Or you can telephone the Traveline on (01709) 515151. 

The council provides a checking service for your documentation, it is free of charge to you and you can read more about it here. 

Do I qualify?

If you live in South Yorkshire and are under 65 years of age you may qualify for a pass if you:

  • are blind or partially-sighted
  • are deaf of without speech
  • have a disability which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on your ability to walk
  • do not have arms or have long-term loss of the use of your arms
  • have a learning disability, or
  • have been or would be refused a driver’s licence on medical grounds (other than on the grounds of persistent misuse of drugs and alcohol).

*this criteria is subject to change by Travel South Yorkshire and we recommend that you check their website for the latest information.

If you live outside South Yorkshire, you need to apply to the local authority that covers your usual place of residence.

How do I apply?

You can call in person at one of  our council offices or telephone us on (01226) 775656. We may need to make you an appointment. 

You will need to bring the following items with you as proof of your eligibility. These must be original documents, photocopies won't be accepted.

  • Proof of your disability - either your benefits letter or other confirmation from the Department of Work and Pensions;
  • Proof of age - for example, a birth certificate, passport or a medical card;
  • Proof of address - for example, medical card, driving licence, gas bill, electricity bill or Council Tax bill;

We will check your information and print you out a 'letter of eligibility'. You can then take this to a Travel South Yorkshire Information Centre, in the town centre this is located in the Transport Interchange.

Alternatively you can apply by post, including all of the relevant documentation and a passport sized photograph of yourself.  Full details of how to do this are on the Travel South Yorkshire website.

You can ask a friend or relative to apply for you.

Your pass will be valid for five years or until you reach pensionable age.  Travel South Yorkshire recommends that you contact them 2 months before your pass is due to expire either by calling Traveline on (01709) 515151 or visiting one of their information offices. 

How much does the pass cost?

Our checking service for your pass is free of charge to you. 

Your pass will be provided by Travel South Yorkshire free of charge.  There is no fee for renewing a pass that has expired.

If you lose your pass or need a replacement because your details have changed this will be provided by Travel South Yorkshire for a fee of £7:00.  You need to apply directly to Travel South Yorkshire, either at your nearest office (Barnsley Interchange) or you can apply for a replacement mobility pass online here. 

If your pass is stolen and you have a crime reference number for this from the police, or if it needs replacing due to wear and tear Travel South Yorkshire will provide you with a replacement, free of charge.

Travelling with a carer

Dependent upon what welfare benefits you receive, you may qualify for a pass to allow one carer to travel with you for free.  Your carer can only use this pass when they are travelling with you.  More details about how to get a carer's pass are on the Travel South Yorkshire website or you can telephone the Traveline on (01709) 515151.

For the latest information.... 

We recommend that you visit the Travel South Yorkshire website for the latest information about how to apply for a pass, the cost of a replacement, the times that you can travel and routes, as these may be subject to change by Travel South Yorkshire.  Their website also has lots of useful information for you to plan your journey including live departure times.

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