Permission for events like demonstrations and parades

Find out about the permission you need to close a road for an event like a demonstration, parade or street party.

If you're thinking about organising an event like a:

  • demonstration
  • parade
  • street party
  • military gathering
  • street market

We'll need at least six weeks' notice and you'll need to think about the following before getting started:

  • Can your event be held somewhere away from the road?
  • Can it be held at a time when traffic flows are lower?
  • Does the whole road need to be closed or just part of it?
  • Can traffic flow and access continue?
  • Have you consulted all residents and businesses who will be affected by the road closure - any valid objections we receive to your planned event might mean that we can't agree to the road closure going ahead.

You'll also need:

  • public liability insurance to the value of £10million - as organiser you are responsible for the safety of the event and road closure
  • permission from the police
  • our permission
  • a legal order to temporarily close the road
  • signs and barriers to warn road users of the closure and give alternative routes - you can get these from a traffic managemenet contractor and you'll find more information on this in our information sheet below.

Apply for permission by:

We'll try to complete your application in six weeks from the date we receive it.

You can find more information and legislation in the following:


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