Yellow lines

Find out about yellow lines in the Barnsley area.

Yellow lines are used in areas where vehicles are not allowed to park up and wait, and mean the following:

  • double yellow lines parallel to the kerb - no waiting at any time
  • a single yellow line parallel to the kerb - waiting is not allowed at certain times, as shown on a nearby sign
  • double yellow small lines across the edge of the kerb - no loading at any time
  • a single yellow small line across the edge of the kerb - loading is not allowed at certain times, as shown on a nearby sign

They are found where there are road safety or congestion problems, in places like:

  • outside school gates - needs to be kept clear at all times because of visibility and safety
  • a junction where vehicles sat in a queue of traffic could block an exit for other traffic
  • a section of road where loading is also restricted
  • a section of road where, if vehicles parked up, they'd cause visibility problems or safety concerns

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You can find more information and legislation on yellow lines in the following:

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