Disability services

We provide advice, information and assessments for people with physical disabilities and learning disabilities.

How to get help

If you have a physical disability or a learning disability, and need some help with daily living, you can contact us for advice and support.

Our Customer Access Team telephone number is (01226) 773300

When you contact us we'll give you information about services, equipment and other support that may meet your needs.  For those who are most in need of help we can arrange to visit you to carry out an assessment.  You can find out more about having an assessment and what's involved here.   

Your assessment is to find out more about your circumstances and to decide if you qualify for some help from us with arranging and paying for your care.  

We will also tell you about having a Personal Budget, you can can use this to employ your own personal assistant, or make some other arrangements that meet your needs.

Who can get help

Anyone can request an assessment for themself, or someone they know who is having difficulties. Simply contact us or, if you prefer, you can ask your GP, nurse or another person from the NHS to get in touch with us on your behalf.

If you don't qualify for help to arrange and pay for your care we will provide you with information and advice to support you to make your own arrangements, to access services in your community and to help with your independence. 


We provide support and advice for  family carers. This can include helping you to organise respite care, or a short break from caring.  If you are a carer you can ask for a carers' assessment of your needs too, to find out about any help that is available for you to support you in your caring role. 





Connect to Support Barnsley: eMarketplace for adult social care

Connect to Support is a website where you can look for services, support and equipment to help you to live more independently. Some services are available for you to buy online. You can also find out what local groups and activities are available for you to take part in, either free of charge or at a small cost.

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